Self Portrait: 30.05.12

self portrait: 30.05.12

watercolour on bamboo paper
210mm x 300mm

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Antipodal portrait: 03.04.12

Antipodal portrait #2: Willem Boshoff via Skype, Cape Town|Washington DC

oil on board

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Antipodal Portrait. 21.03.12

A pencil drawing created using my feet of Willem Boshoff’s feet created from opposite sides of the globe via Skype video chat (Cape Town, South Africa | Washington DC, USA).

Antipodal Drawing_Willem Boshoff

Foot drawing
pencil on Bamboo paper

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CAA conference - highlights

College of Arts Association Conference,
Los Angeles, 22-25 February 2012.

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CAA Conference

I will be presenting for a roundtable discussion on “Time-Based Media & African Art” at the College of Arts Association Conference, Los Angeles, 24 February 2012.

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The Portrait Machine

I took part in Trasi Henen’s Portrait Machine at What if the World Gallery, Woodstock, Cape Town

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data capture_google goggles

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Endangered & Survivors

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data capture_dual

(work in progress in collaboration with artist Max Wolpe)

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data capture_lost & found exhibition

My most recent exhibition at Blank Projects Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa, 4 August - 3 September 2011

Watch the video…

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