Katherine Bull is an artist living and working in Cape Town, South Africa.
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    2022 was a year rich with creative fulfilment and adventure. So full, that I have not managed to keep up with updating my blog. So I thought a few words of reflection on the year would be useful before heading full on into 2023.

    The Pieces That Find Us
    The Pieces That Find Us

    AVA Gallery, Cape Town (28.04.22 - 09.06.22)
    Installation view
    (photo credit: Mia Thom)

    Open Studio walkabout
    Open Studio walkabout

    LIA residency Leipzig
    21 October

  • Artist Interview with Cur8

    I had the pleasure of a studio visit and interview with Olivia Barrell and Mia Louw from Cur8 in August following my exhibition Drawing Breath at Everard read Cape Town.
    The interview has been published online.

  • Drawing Breath

    Drawing Breath is an exhibition of performative drawing, painting and collage as part of the Cubicle series, Everard Read | CIRCA gallery, Cape Town (3 - 15 August 2020).

  • Closer than ever (again)

    Closer than ever (again) is a follow up interview initiated by curator Michaela Limberis from an earlier project CLOSER THAN EVER(2017).

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