Closer than ever (again) is a follow up interview initiated by curator Michaela Limberis from an earlier project CLOSER THAN EVER (2017).

CLOSER THAN EVER is a project developed to address the influence of visual technology on human relationships. Local (South African) artists were paired with artists who live and work in other countries, to collaborate and produce original artwork using visual technology as their primary means of communication.”.

For this project I was invited to be paired with Emmanuel de Montbron (living and working Paris, France). We developed over a period of months a collaborative video piece titled Towards Telepathy.

For Closer than ever (again) Michaela asked us to reflect on the 2017 project in the light of the current global pandemic threat and lockdown happening in many countries - and how this had brought visual technologies and online platforms of communication to the fore. In our online conversations leading up to the interview, Emmanuel and I decided to do another collaboration. This time we created a live drawing blindfolded (seen as the last 20 minutes of the video interview). We saw this as a development of our investigation of telepathy while also speaking to the relevance of finding ways to a more embodied online connectivity through the action of analogue drawing while connecting virtually.