“Things are exactly what they are, yet never how they appear, yet appearance is inseparable from being, so a thing is a twisted loop like a Möbius strip, in which the twist is everywhere, it has no starting or ending point. Appearance is the intrinsic twist in being.” (Morton, T (2018) Being Ecological. p. 60)

WheredoIBegin is an exhibition of studio studies in which the artist Katherine Bull explores starting points for generating painted imagery, reflecting upon the nature of beginnings and how they can make an appearance in relation to a process of searching.

“How do I find a beginning to my thoughts when my brain is often outsourced to my mobile phone and online searching? How do I settle on an image to express a physical sensation or a subtle feeling when overwhelmed by the anxiety of choice in an image saturated world?”

This exhibition is a window into the artist’s studio meditation practices through which she searches for meaningful connectivities between her physical and digital natures. In this selection of paintings and collages Bull explores random image selection processes, reverse online searches, and intuitive choices as a means to make visible her internal reflections on being.

Hosted by 99 Loop Gallery as an online catalogue on Artsy

Swan & Reverse search_Swan

oil on board
30.8 x 25 cmm & 18 x 18 cmm