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Back in Cape Town for almost three weeks and only getting to process documentation from my final exhibition for Nosadella Due artist residency, Bologna Italy now…

What an experience! A lot to process… Seven weeks, Venice, the biennial, Bologna for a month and brief visits to Milan, Florence, Padua and Rome. I will be feeding off this experience for years to come. Thank you to The Africa Centre for making it possible, to Nosadella curator Elisa Del Prete for being such a brilliant host. Also to the directors and staff at Atelier Si (esp. Tihana Maravic and Giovanni Brunetto) for hosting a performance, workshop and exhibition at the theatre. And to all the wonderful people I met at Nosadella and along the way.

During my residency at Nosadella Due I first did a performance, data CAPTIVE AUDIENCE(Bologna) (see previous blog post) a week after arriving as part of the launch of the season program at theatre, Atelier Si. I ran a weekend workshop in the middle of the residency and then on the 25th October I held a small exhibition again at Si to show the work I had created prior and during the residency.

[Photographs by Tihana Maravic & Linda Rigotti]

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As part of my residency at Nosadella Due, Bologna I ran a weekend workshop at the theatre Atelier Si (15-17 October 2015).

This was a great opportunity to share my creative practice and experiment with using my own processes of working between the digital analogue spaces of drawing as a means to reflect on the nature of perception, presence, orientation, self-expression and connection in a contemporary digital media environment.

I had a lovely core group of participants ranging in age and art experience who were open to the experimentation and the exercises I created for them over the two day workshop…

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