Nosadella Due art residency

In October 2015 I am travelling to Bologna, Italy to take up my AIR Residency Scholarship at Nosadella Due

data capture_Elisa del Prete_13.11.14_5:37-7:18

Katherine Bull
ambidextrous painting
oil sketch on eco board
200 x 250mm

I am looking forward to extending my art practice at the residency. Here is a double portrait of the residency director and curator, Elisa Del Prete painted from live online video chat.

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Fak’ugesi Digita; Africa Conference

In December 2014 I presented a paper at the Fakā€™ugesi Digital Africa Conference (4-6 December, hosted by WITS University, Johannesburg, South Africa

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MOUTH at Warren Editions


animation projection & painting

Working on the second in a series of large-scale print commissions for Yellowwoods Arts in collaboration at Warren Editions Print Studios, Cape Town. (Published in September 2014)

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DO IT - Annette Messenger Untitled (signatures)(1993)

Katherine Bull
interactive drawing performance

(photograph byt Josephine Higgins)

I was invited by curator, Josephine Higgins, to take part in a local iteration of Hans Ulrich Orbrist’s DO IT exhibition of artists instructions (Michaelis Galleries, University of Cape Town, 4-13 September 2014)

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