Am I ever Alone? (dancing to someone else’s tune)

Am I ever Alone? (dancing to someone else’s tune) is a performance I am doing at Smith Studio, Cape Town as part of the group exhibition Folly. The performance will take place this First Thursday, 2nd February 18:00-20:00.

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Folly’ at Smith Studio Cape Town

I currently have two collage works on a group exhibition Folly at Smith Studio, Cape Town (25 Jan-18 Feb).

#andthisisme_30.12.16 & #andthisisme_08.01.17

paper collage
300 x 210 mm (paper size)

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Monday night printing at Warren Editions

Last year I started going to Monday night open printing sessions at Warren Editions printmaking studio, Cape Town. I have really enjoyed getting back into printmaking again after the collaborations I did with Warren Editions in 2013-15. So far I have made a few etchings and a larger series of Monotypes. I have been exploring both oil and watercolour, painting two plates simultaneously with my left and right hand from short videos I shoot with my mobile phone while travelling in a car.

Monotype - ambidextrous watercolour painting in process

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2016 review

In 2016 I made a start with my book project with Lessons in transformation at the Michaelis Galleries, University of Cape Town in May. What was intended to be a once off exhibition ending in a publication during the exhibition ended up being only the introduction! So look out for a series of exhibitions/performance events that will become chapters of the book.

Last year I also participated in three group exhibitions at the Barnard Gallery,Cape Town.

Lessons in transformation_Autobiographical notes

Dinner Collection, Barnard Gallery, Cape Town (7 December 2016- 24 January 2017)

acrylic on percale cotton
1800 x 1335mm

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