A solo exhibition as part of the Cubicle series at Everard Read gallery, Cape Town - 3-16 August 2020.

Drawing Breath is dedicated to my grandmother Esmé Bull (1922 - 2020) - the work on view is a residue of remembering, finding connections and celebrating life in the face of loss.

In my experience of losing my grandmother to the Corona virus, I found solace through a retreat into my studio and the process of drawing, painting and collage. The pain of loss offers a unique opportunity in which the veil lifts and I could feel a clarity of her presence beyond life while at the same time feeling intensely aware of the separation and physical presence of being left behind.
The artworks in this exhibition were selected and created in memory of my close relationship with her - a grandmother who planted the seeds for my love of art, history and the earth - through many hours spent with her in galleries, museums, archives and in her garden as a child. And as an adult she remains inspiring to me in her unfailing love, support, positivity and zest for life and staying up to date with the world well into her 90s.
The work also reflects my response to finding ways to continue working and stay connected through my experience of isolation, separation and anxiety during the lockdown.
As a commemorative act, I visited the gallery each day to meditate and draw breath in the space for the duration of the exhibition. The daily drawing performance was broadcast live via Instagram TV @kathbull.