data_captive audience was performed as part of Christian Nerf’s Believe You Me performance for the Gordon Institute for Performing and Creative Arts, Live Arts Festival (30th November-4th December 2012).

Nerf invited artists (Barend De Wet, Chas Unwin, Josh Ginsberg, Margie Orford, Kyle Morland, Leonard Shapiro, Myer Taub, Nathan Gates, Stuart Cairns, Roger Young, Seb Voight & Clare Butcher) to join him for dinner on stage at the Cape Town City Hall. Through collaborative discussion some of the artists performed a section of the 30 minute performance.

I chose to spend the time sitting on the edge of the stage looking at the audience through a pair of opera glasses. Surveying the audience and then selecting members as they watched and sketched them on my iPad. The live drawing was projected up on one of the balconies overlooking the stage.

View a video by GIPCA.

(photographs by Jonx Pillemer)