data capture: Larger Than Life

Digital Drawing Performance as part of | Print 08: Myth, Memory & the Archive, Bell Roberts Gallery, Cape Town, 13 Aug - 19 Sept 2008.

Materials: mixed media drawing performance with invited artist Willem Boshoff
Dimensions: variable

My work often makes reference to how representation functions to mediate the body’s orientation in time and space. More specifically my interest has been to explore the shifting relationship between technology and systems of mapping space and time and ultimately information (the archive). Data capture: Larger Than Life is part of an ongoing series of digital drawing performances in which I continue to attempt to bring the physical and virtual into a closer and dialogue. In this case a full-figure digital portrait of the artist Willem Boshoff is created in two hours and printed life size on a large format digital printer. I invited Willem Boshoff’s to pose for me as he is a veritable encyclopedia of knowledge and therefore an appropriate subject in response to the group exhibition title Print 08: Myth, Memory & the Archive.

(photographs by Paula Zapata)