data capture: in the field I

exhibition & performance at the On Gallery, Poznan, Poland as part of | Impact IV: Kontakt International Printmaking Conference 5th-11th September 2005

Materials: mixed media digital drawing performance (aluminum furniture, laptop computer, projector & inkjet printer)
Dimensions: variable

Data capture: in the field I is an exhibition and performance at the On Gallery, Poznan, Poland. For this performance I created a portable setup that formed a hybrid of camping furniture and scientific field research equipment. The furniture was informed by the idea of inverting the colonial pattern of European Imperial field research in Africa. As the artist/researcher I traveled to Europe with my portable research laboratory for the purpose of ‘capturing’ a sample data portrait of one delegate from the conference. I selected a ‘sitter’ randomly from the visitors to the gallery and they sat for my two-hour portrait drawing session while the drawing process was mirrored via projector onto the wall of the gallery.